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A study conducted recently revealed that people are using what is called “bots” in gambling so that they can increase their chances of winning. So, if this study is true, we poker (13)should ask ourselves what are “bots” and what do they actually do to increase your ratio of winning?

A bot is a computer program that carries out a set of commands that the user has to input. That is the meaning of a bot in its most basic form. Bots have many different uses for just about anything that can be automated.

Gambling involves a lot of repetitive tasks and that is why bots are perfect for betting because these tasks can be automated. The market has a wide array of different bots and sold through software dealers and there are a lot more of them that are not for sale and are used either privately by individuals or groups.

The question in everyone’s mind is, do they really work? Do people actually win big when using this software? The answer is a definite yes. For it to work, the program has to have a good sound reason behind it and a good method for it to guarantee success.

Good examples of betting bots include poker bots; they tell you the chances a player has of winning on the hand, to actually playing and dealing for you. Horse racing bots are also available and run on the betting exchanges. Most gamblers use horse racing bots for in-running horse racing.
Greyhound bots are usually used in dog racing.

One of the most popular online bots programming that work is Betfair. Most of these programs are commonly run on horse racing markets and people bet millions each day.
Betting bots are not the pots of gold but tools to improve betting.